Why I meditate – meditation is something I can do for me.


Meditation is something I can do for me.

It doesn’t cost me anything, I can do it anywhere at anytime and the benefits are numerous. I started at a time when I was very stressed and mole hills were quickly turning into mountains. I knew I had to do something and a drop in meditation class, it was called deep relaxation back then, came along and off I went.

That was the best thing I ever did and I was very lucky that the first class had a huge impact on me. I felt so good that I was inspired to continue with the practice. I did and the mole hills weren’t even mole hills anymore.

Having a regular and consistent meditation practice didn’t change or fix anything, what it did change was my perception of things. I felt like I had taken a big step back and I could see the forest not just the trees.

Since then mindfulness has supported me and still does through very stressful times.

I had major brain surgery ten years ago and I knew I had to be calm for the surgery and recovery. As well as ditching the coffees for carrot juice I spent a lot of time meditating.

I felt empowered because I was doing something for me, not just relying on or asking for medication to keep me calm. Having 3 kids 8 and under the only place I could be was in the moment, for them and for me. It was a waste of time thinking about the past and the future was kinda scary.

Now I’m finding meditation is really helping me manage the hormone clashes of menopause and teenagers.

As I said mindfulness doesn’t fix anything but it’s a great alternative to the wine bottle or something stronger.


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