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I hear plenty of reasons why people can’t meditate and most of these are excuses not reasons.

Here are the most common reasons I hear and why they aren’t valid.

I don’t have time – Everyone seems to be in a hurry and there is no time for anything. Here’s the thing, make time. 15 mins a day is all you need, step away from devices for 15 mins, get up 15mins earlier or go to bed fifteen minutes earlier. The key to having a successful meditation practice is consistency so make it a regular 15 minutes. Like anything repetition is habit forming.

I tried and failed – most of us want instant results with minimum effort from everything we do and this mindset is fuelled by the instant world we live in. This can be seen in the advertising around us, Instant Printing, Instant Access, Instant Results, Fast Food and one stop shopping. It’s called a meditation practice for a reason and with perseverance its gets easier. Elite athletes and sporting teams no matter how good their last game still train daily.

My mind is too busy – So? Everyone has a busy mind. It’s impossible to stop thinking but it is possible to concentrate. The object of meditation is not to stop the thoughts but observe them and not get caught up in them. There are different styles of meditation and different ways to concentrate or focus and this might be to concentrate on an image, the breathe or a mantra. A busy mind is like a shaken snow globe, all the glitter moving randomly around. The object of stilling the mind is letting the thoughts (the glitter) settle.

I fall asleep – I recently heard falling asleep during meditation described as “a poor man’s Nirvana.” If you fall asleep every now and again then you probably need it. If you are falling asleep every time you meditate then you are losing concentration or you’re bored. Posture can also contribute to falling asleep, if you need to lie down don’t make yourself too comfortable put a rock or something similar under your shoulder or sit in a chair.

Fear – fear of something new, fear of failure, outside your comfort zone all apply. The world we live in right now is a fearful place and people are scared. Most of our fears are real but they are out of our control. Several times the best place of refuge for me has been to go within, to find solace and safety within myself. Letting go of fear allows love and compassion to flow. It takes courage to try something new.

“Fear leads to the dark side.” – Jedi Knight

Summing up, there are no valid reasons for not starting a Mindfulness practice. I’m not going to list the benefits, you can Google that, the important thing to remember is that you have to commit and you have to do it regularly. Jump over to the Meditation Classes page for upcoming courses.

“Give it a go,” – said the heart


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