What’s the rush?


Washing is a fact of life when you have a family and I often say, “I’ll quickly hang this out” as I’m trying to get out the door or get on with other stuff.

But you know what when I rush, things always take longer, with the washing, clothes get tangled or I drop the pegs, you get the picture …

This morning I stopped rushing, stopped multitasking in my head and made the washing a Mindful Moment.

I took a breath and took my time. I noticed the beautiful morning, the breeze, the colours, the light, I focused on each piece of clothing, noticing the texture of the fabric, naming the item, shirt, jeans, dress or naming the colour, blue, green, black.

Doing this, being in the moment, fully in the moment changed everything. Hanging out the washing became a nice experience rather than a chore and I got out the door on time.

You can apply this simple practice to anything, notice when your mind wanders and come back to the present moment.

I’ve also flipped the self-talk of “do it quickly” to “I have enough time” and I always do.

Do you live your life in a rush or moment to moment?

Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash


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