There are two ways to approach life, in a panic or as it is now.

Last week was to be my busiest week for ages and I was looking forward to the fun agenda I had planned.

It wasn’t to be as I caught a nasty cold and I canceled everything. Yes, it was a little disappointing but did I panic about what might have been?

Hell no! It is what it is and I had no choice but to rest and restore.

My house was a mess, my family ate leftovers or baked beans for the week, no one complained and they have all survived.

My mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies all needed a rest, I listened to my bodies, my energy is returning and I’m feeling better.

Self-care is always important to me, not just when I am sick and I’m still shocked when people tell me they feel guilty taking time for themselves.

Guilt is such a waste of energy and causes mental and physical stress. The more relaxed you are the more energy and less stress you have.

The best thing a woman can do for herself is self-care, rest assured your family or partner will benefit from the flow on effect!

My mentor and friend Dani Gardner says “whenever you invest in yourself, its returned tenfold.”

I love that quote and use it often. It can be applied to so many situations whether you need some downtime, 20 minutes meditation to recharge, a long walk, a day out or a week at a retreat.

Life has its ups and downs, we have good days and not so good days, it’s being human and it’s who we are.

Take care of yourself because no one else can do it for you.

Image courtesy Auskteez-tran – Unsplash

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