Tess Godfrey – Naturopath with a difference.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am the mother of two gorgeous teens, married for most of my life to my partner Craig, and we live in Bellbowrie, Brisbane with two cats and 4 chooks. I am a Naturopath, Reconnective Healing Practitioner and Diamond Leader with doTERRA International.

I am a life-long learner, teacher and explorer of well-beingness, consciousness and happiness. This has led me down the path of natural health and healing and sharing my love with the world.


Do you have a formal meditation practice?

My idea of “formal” meditation is to simply sit in my hammock early every morning for 20 minutes and not think about anything while I listen to beautiful Hawaiian or “Angel” music (as my son calls it). I clear my mind (just allowing any thoughts to go) and then I consciously bless every person I will encounter in my day. At bedtime I take 10 minutes for a “gratitude” practice. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying thank you for my pillow, my bed and really feeling the appreciation, holding the feeling and falling asleep with it so I wake with this vibration in the morning.


What are the benefits? What do you struggle with?

 It’s a practice that takes no force or pushing towards an end result. I simply allow myself to feel. It is easy. It flows. It’s joyful and brings a true sense of connection, clarity and calm for my day. I also dip into it easily during my day by simply allowing a feeling of gratitude for the small things. No struggles at all… as I don’t allow any feelings of resistance to reside – I let it go and replace it with a better feeling.


Do you have an informal practice such as moving meditation (yoga, running) or a passion or an interest that requires your attention and takes you away from everything else? 

I am an eternal possibilitarian and I love to take action on the ideas that flow so easily to me, so being creative is something I love doing. I paint, write rap songs and jot all my musings on consciousness down on paper (maybe one day to write a little book on Frequencies & Healing?)….

I also love to zip over to Ubud (Bali) for a week by myself or often just a “Backyard Bali Break” – just relaxing by my pool in my hammock with a cocktail and a good book in my hand 🙂 



How does this benefit you? 

I get to explore more of my interests and foster a deeper connection to my-Self. I create more happiness in my being and I give my-Self undivided attention and pampering. It’s all very very good!


What’s your constant challenge in everyday life?

I get to the end of every day realising I haven’t moved enough. I am in consultations pretty much booked back to back from 9-5 most days, which means I am sitting down most of my day. My body wants more movement…


What’s your go to self-care practice?

Oh I just love a Lomi Lomi Massage (I offer Lomi Lomi as well), so I have one every week. I find the flow of this massage style so connective on every level. Just profoundly beautiful. Aloha.


What is your joyful pleasure?

It will be my LIFE! The time spent with my children, laughing and having fun. Its pizza nights with friend and family. Its Backyard Bali and massages and writing and singing and dancing on a school night. And…. sharing the wonderful gift of doTERRA with others. Seeing people change their lives for the better and finding their joy and happiness and well-being. My life purpose is to find the joyfulness and the happiness in every moment… Living my life’s purpose and helping others find theirs – that’s my joyful pleasure!


Name three people you would like to meet and why?

Dalai Lama – I want to hear his wisdom on consciousness and offer him a Reconnective Healing in return.

Nassim Haramein – he is at the leading edge of quantum physics and consciousness (very magnetic personality)… I could converse with him on the connected universe for hours.

My Dad – as I never had the chance to get to know him.



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  1. You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful aretclis.

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