Take refuge in your body and breath.


When I need to find the space between the action and the reaction I take refuge in my body and breath.

Grounding, centering, refocus, regroup all mean the same thing – take a moment between the action and the reaction.

I like to use the term refuge. Why do I like it? Refuge is such a nice word; it implies safety and we all love to feel safe and secure.

I take refuge in my breath and my body because it’s with me all the time.

I think of it as sheltering under an awning when a storm is fast approaching. I might be feeling a bit anxious, it’s a big storm, do I make a run for it or do I stay here and wait it out? I’m safe while I weigh up the options and make a decision

5 breaths can be enough, focusing on the in breath and the out breath, the sensation, the rise and fall of the chest or the soft in and out movement of the belly. I feel into my body too, the tightness in my shoulders or neck, the feeling in my belly, my heart rate.

Once I give my body the attention it is asking for the stress and anxiety is reduced and the clarity and calm returns.

The best thing is, no one even knows that I’m doing this and I can do it anywhere anytime.

How do you take refuge?

P.S. I also do this at night if I’m having trouble sleeping. The only difference is I take my breath away from my busy mind and focus on my breath in my belly or I imagine it in and out through my feet.

Image courtesy Ben White – Unsplash

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