10 ways to celebrate every day.

10 ways to celebrate everyday

  Every day holds unique and special experiences to appreciate and savor. However, we are often so busy that we overlook the little things that make us feel so good. Noticing and appreciating them in the moment creates happy, joyful feelings. Here are 10 ways to feel good and make every day wonderful. Dress up, wear your best clothes often, don’t wait for a special occasion, make every day special Ditch your old, comfy, well-worn undies, wear beautiful underwear and feel fabulous Wear beautiful scent, every day Set the table with your good dinnerware and cutlery Drink from your crystal … Continue reading


Just a few weeks ago I was brushing my teeth and I felt very grateful that I am able to clean my teeth, every day, in clean running water in the privacy of my own bathroom. I began to think that this simple thing that I take for granted would be a luxury for some. People in war torn countries, refugees and homeless people right here on the streets in my city, might not be able to clean their teeth every day. This basic task, that I have taken for granted for so long, got me thinking that there is … Continue reading