Take refuge in your body and breath.

  When I need to find the space between the action and the reaction I take refuge in my body and breath. Grounding, centering, refocus, regroup all mean the same thing – take a moment between the action and the reaction. I like to use the term refuge. Why do I like it? Refuge is such a nice word; it implies safety and we all love to feel safe and secure. I take refuge in my breath and my body because it’s with me all the time. I think of it as sheltering under an awning when a storm is fast … Continue reading

Connect with your body and feel it come alive.

Connect to your body and feel it come alive.

  Most of us seem to be very connected to external devices and very disconnected from ourselves. We have aversion to any discomfort, looking for an instant fix rather than investigating and finding the cause. Discomfort and small amounts of pain are good as it tells us something isn’t right, if we care to listen that is. A headache might mean we need some water or a stretch or some fresh air before we pop a pill or two. If something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t. The body doesn’t lie; it’s screaming for attention for a reason and meditation … Continue reading


We might rush out the door without our keys, wallet, lunch or the to do list but it’s impossible to leave your body behind. Your  body is always with you so pay it the respect it deserves and use it for your informal mindfulness practice. Feeling into and being present in our own body is the best way to ground and focus when we feel stressed or overwhelmed. It’s the easiest and simplest thing to do, its portable and no one has to know you are doing it. It takes about 3-4 mins but you can make it as long … Continue reading