sally-profileTell us a little bit about yourself.
Where you live, what you do, do you have a family, a cat, a dog etc?
I live in a semi-rural area to the west of Brisbane with my husband, four kids, a dog, four chickens and 2 budgies! I have a home studio from which I run my interior design/decorating and styling business. I have been in business for almost 20 years now and love what I do. It presents me with fantastic opportunities to help people transform their homes and work places.

Describe your meditation routine i.e. how long have you been meditating, how long do you meditate for, where and when and, how often and what type of meditation.
I have been attending Kate’s meditation classes for around 8 months now. My husband attended classes before me and raved about how good they were. We travelled overseas together last year and he was able to meditate on the long haul flights and go to sleep which I was very envious of! I don’t have a formal meditation practice as such, but occasionally use recorded meditations and often practice the techniques I have learnt to help me sleep at night.

 What are the benefits? What do you struggle with?img_8109
Meditation is a fantastic practice and I hope to be able to integrate it more into my everyday life. It is a wonderful way to stop and take time to be in the moment, focusing just on breathing and being aware of your body. I struggle to find time to allocate to meditation but I’m working on it!

Do you have an informal practice such as moving meditation (yoga, running) or a passion or an interest that requires your attention and takes you away from everything else? How does this benefit you?                                                              I love to attend a local restorative yoga class once a week; yoga really suits me as I am not a fan of high impact exercise! I love cooking and often attend cooking classes to learn how to cook different types of cuisine. I particularly love to cook Moroccan and Middle Eastern style food.

What’s your constant challenge in everyday life?
With four school aged children, a business, house and garden to maintain, life can be very hectic. The challenge is to have enough hours in the day, to be in the moment and to find time to care for myself.img_9617

What’s your go to self-care practice?                                                                                                                                   If I have had a very stressful day I like to run a bath, add some essential oils, light a beautiful candle and escape for a while.

 Name three people that you would like to meet.
My grandmothers, both of whom died long ago when my parents were still young themselves.
Dame Judi Dench who I think is one of the world’s greatest actors and keeps getting better with age.
Sir David Attenborough, one of our living treasures whose passion for nature is just so inspiring.
I would also love to invite Kevin McLeod from Grand Designs to dinner so that we could discuss all the amazing houses he has worked on.
And finally, I would also love to meet the English hotelier/designer Kit Kemp whose work is so extraordinary in every way. (I know that’s more than three people but was difficult to limit to just three!)





M | 0418 766 060
P| 07 3202 8020


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