35201442_mWhat is winter in Queensland? In lots of ways winter is very challenging for us. We have a few cold snaps, cold days and nights but overall our nights can be cold but the days are glorious. Clear blue skies with just a wisp of cloud and little to no wind. Saying that we can have a huge range of temperature from a low 3 deg at night to 24 plus in the day. So in comparison to say Melbourne, Queensland winter is pretty mild.

Regardless of the temperatures we still suffer from seasonal threats, coughs, colds, bronchitis and the dreaded influenza.

I would much prefer to keep germs at bay or treat a cold with a beautiful natural product that resort to over the medication that whilst it provides some relief it is rarely a cure.

For example, some store bought chest rubs contain Petrolatums, Camphor and turpentine oil whereas a proprietary blend of pure essential oils mixed with a carrier oil is just that, pre essential oils.

Mum I’m getting a cold, which oil do I use?” –- my teenage son who has seen the light

Five winter ailments and the oils to support winter wellness.

Seasonal threats and to boost immunity – OnGuard, diffuse and on the soles of feet.

Sinus issues- Tea Tree, Lavender, Lemon, diffuse, on the soles of feet.

Respiratory Support – Tea Tree, Lavender, lemon, respiratory blend, diffuse and on the soles of feet.

Sore Throat – On Guard, Tea Tree, Frankincense, Ginger, rub on the throat, soles of the feet.

Colds – Coriander, Tea Tree, Lemon. Mix 2 drops of each with carrier oil and apply to soles of the feet and spine every two hours. N.B Must be diluted with a carrier oil as oregano is hot and will burn.

When you have access to a pharmacy of pure natural oils it’s easy to beat the winter ills before they beat you.



“With winter looming my family started coughing, sneezing and sniffing. I diffused On Guard every morning. Every evening I rubbed a combination of Oregano and lemon on the soles of their feet. In a couple of days, they were all clear.” – Georgie


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