I’d like to introduce the very inspiring Danielle Gardner who mentors and empowers women to achieve their dreams. Read on to find out more.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am originally from Australia and as I write this I am currently residing at my father in-law’s home in England. In April 2012 my husband Jon and I departed Australia on a one way ticket to London. We have always had an affinity with Europe and since we both have online businesses we set off on a digital nomad adventure. Since then we’ve been to Spain, Scotland, been on a housesitting assignment in Paris for three weeks, and lived in the South of France for three months. Family wise I have two stepchildren Jacinta (24) and Thom (22) who are in Australia and working in Jon’s business.

My own business focuses on career mentoring.  I help the professional woman who has outgrown her place in the world and seeks to reinvent herself and her career. The starting point of this process involves integrating her existing expertise, innate soul gifts, her personal story and her higher purpose. I also incorporate energy healing, intuitive work and spiritual strategies to support each woman with her goals. I consciously choose to work exclusively via Skype so I am able to help women globally, and of course it means I am free to work from any location. 


Do you have a formal meditation practice?

I like to meditate for about 10-minutes first thing in the morning when everyone else is still in bed. To begin I sit on cushions cross legged with arms stretched, palms facing up and resting my hands on my knees. I give myself a few minutes to settle in and then I simply focus on the inhale and exhale of my breath. Sometimes I introduce a feeling as well such as ‘abundance’. I invite that feeling into every cell and I feel my body tingle in delight. I’ve been meditating for about five years.

What are the benefits? What do you struggle with? 

Taking that time for myself fosters a lot of inner stability and clarity. It helps me stay in the integrity of who I am and not get caught up in the opinions of others or societal norms. Consistency is something I have struggled with especially since leaving Australia and being without my own dedicated space. At the same time I feel I have become way more ‘flexible’ than I used to be in terms of things needing to be ‘a certain way’.

Do you have an informal practice such as moving meditation (yoga, running) or a passion or an interest that requires your attention and takes you away from everything else? How does this benefit you? E.g photography, cooking, sewing, gardening

Yes, my favourite informal practice is playing the guitar. Prior to leaving Australia, I had started to teach myself a few songs and I was amazed at how much joy I experienced through both playing and using my voice to sing. My guitar didn’t come with me to Europe but I bought another one a few weeks ago and I really love it. Playing my guitar definitely requires my full presence because the minute I begin thinking about something else my fingers don’t go where they need to go. Immediately I am bought back to the present. My new guitar sits right next to my bed now and I see it as soon as I walk into the room. I pick it up a few times a day, play a few songs, sing and then carry on with my day feeling refuelled.

What’s your constant challenge in everyday life? 

Knowing when it’s time to step away from the computer and logging off.

What’s your go to self-care practice? 

Organising my personal effects is typically the starting point for my self-care. If my personal belongings are cluttered then I can’t think straight. Through order I see where I desire to focus my selfcare efforts such as enjoying a candlelit bath, relaxing facial or having a siesta.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

One of my favorite things in the world is going to the cinema, but not just any old cinema and definitely not big multiplex cinemas. I love going to boutique luxury cinemas where I can enjoy a glass of wine and some popcorn while I lean back into my reclining chair.

Name three people that you would like to meet.

Mark Twain

Danielle La Porte

Princess Mary


                                                                                  Danielle Gardner

                                                                             Career Mentor for Women


All images courtesy Dani Gardner


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