MY mind is too busy to Meditate.

Yes and??? We all have busy minds, that’s an excuse not a reason. The object of Meditation is to observe the thoughts, watch them like clouds moving across the sky, we aren’t trying to stop the thoughts.

Picture a snow globe, give it a good shake and see the glitter floating around. This image is a good scenario for a busy mind. Over time just like the glitter the thoughts in your mind will slow down and settle.

I don’t have time to meditate.

Make time. Get up 15 mins earlier, forgo that extra coffee or limit time on your computer. Make it a regular practice, like cleaning your teeth and commit to it. Start with 21 days, keep a diary of what you notice.

I can’t sit in the lotus position.

You don’t have to sit crossed legged or in lotus position on the floor, in a chair is fine or lie down if that suits you better. Always ensure that you have good posture, spine straight but not tense, arms and legs uncrossed.

I have children.

Children can be challenging but don’t use them as an excuse. Get up before them if you have to or meditate after they have gone to bed. Ask your partner to look after them for that time and that no one disturb you. Better still be a role model, your kids will only know what you teach them. Encourage them to join you even if it’s just for a short time. Bribery, oops I mean incentive works well.

I always fall asleep.

Then you probably need to have an early night or you aren’t focused. Change your posture or the time of day or night that you are meditating.

It’s not workingmindfulness-731846_1280

Meditation is hard work and it’s not instant. Over time the benefits will come, it’s an accumulative practice. There is no denying the benefits of Mindfulness, it’s documented everywhere from ashrams to universities. You can’t do it wrong, above all be kind to yourself, patient and persistent.

“The greatest gains will come from consistent repetition.” – Sports Coach

Where do I meditate?

Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed, inside or out, make it special with a nice chair or beautiful blanket if it’s cool –your body temp will drop, diffuse or apply some beautiful Essential Oils, PHONE ON SILENT!

How long do I meditate for?

How long do you have? There is no definitive answer for this, personally I like a minimum of 20 minutes, 30 plus is better but I will settle for 10 if I have to.

To App or not to App?

Timers are great, use them, I like Insight Timer and it’s free. If you use an App to try a different meditation that’s fine but you don’t need an App to meditate and definitely don’t rely on an App. Make the meditation your own and remember …practice-615644__180

Images courtesy. Pixabay –, Danthelibrarian and John Hain


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