I had used Essential Oils before and I went to an Intro to Oils class with Katische, and Chantal, . I wanted to catch up with a friend and I was a little bit curious about these doTerra Oils I had been hearing about and seeing around. I went with me the very firm intention of “I’m not going to buy anything.”

We started with a drop of Wild Orange oil in my hands, I rubbed them together inhaled and I was hooked, by the time we got to Frankincense any intentions I had were completely gone!

All the oils I smelt that day were amazing and each one has a unique health and wellness benefit. What set the doTerra oils apart from other essential oils I had used is the purity. I have a pretty good nose but the depth of the scent of these oils would be hard for anyone to miss.

doTerra are CPTG, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, and undergo multiple third party testing to keep this certification. Don’t be fooled by oils that claim to be 100% pure, the oil probably is, it’s the other synthetics and fillers that are added that aren’t listed.

This was really proved to me when my husband, didn’t complain about doTerra oils irritating his sinus or asthma as he has done in the past with other oils.  My three teenage sons all use the oils now when they feel a cold coming on, have been stung by a wasp, have a sporting injury and on their angry, spotty teenage skin. This speaks volumes as for a time the oils were referred to as “Mum’s smelly hippy sh*t!”

Essential oils support meditation and mindfulness beautifully and I use them every day in a diffuser in my home. I use them topically for grounding and centering, topically and aromatically for yoga and meditation and topically, aromatically and internally for the health benefits. Please note, never take other brands of oils internally.

My favourite oils at the moment are:

Frankincense – a dab on my third eye chakra for meditation

Cedarwood – On the soles of my feet for grounding.

Bergamot – In the diffuser.

Wild Orange – In the diffuser, blends well with almost anything.

Peppermint – 1 drop in a glass of water in the morning, clears my airways, focusing and upflifting on my feet or in the diffuser.

My favourite blends:

Balance Blend – On the soles of my feet and diffusing for meditation and grounding.

On Guard Blend –On the soles of my feet and in the diffuser for seasonal threats and it smells divine.

Lemongrass+Citrus Bliss +Lime – enlivening and upflifting alone or blended

Coriander + Tea Tree – on the soles of my feet for anti-bacterial and anti-virus support.

Lavender+ Cedarwood + Bergamot – sleep blend on the soles of my feet and on my temples.

Lavender+ Frank +Wild Orange – my Holy Trinity in the diffuser at night for unwinding.

Head over to my Essential Oils page for more info and a link to online ordering or contact me for an Intro to oils class.

                                       “Give it a go,” whispered the heart.

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