Is selfcare selfish?

self care- looking after myselfSELF-care is really important and it’s our responsibility to look after our SELF and there is absolutely nothing SELF-ish about doing this.

We have 4 bodies. We have an Emotional Body, a Spiritual Body, a Physical Body and a Mental Body and these bodies can require different care at different times. This is a good time to use our inherent intuition and feel into and honor our bodies wants, needs and desires.

It doesn’t take much to reboot our bodies but ignoring the signals for too long can lead to ill health and exhaustion in our whole body.

When my mental body is overloaded I like to have a rest, get outside for some fresh air or flop on the couch and watch a light movie, with a box of chocolates of course!

For my physical body its either a long walk, yoga and deep relaxation or a massage.

My emotional body burnout requires either a tear jerker movie (I cry happy or sad) or a good, tears rolling down my face, laugh.

Spiritually it might be sinking into a long meditation or a holistic treatment.

There are several other things that I do for self-care that seem to cover all bases.

Lunch and laughter with a good friend.

A movie or a gallery, by myself.

A day out with my camera.

A long walk in nature or on  the beach.

A bunch of beautiful flowers.

A meditation retreat.

A week at a health retreat (I haven’t done this yet. It’s on my Desire board.)

We all know it’s hard to pour from an empty cup so make SELF-care your priority and let me know what’s your favourite thing to do to look after your SELF.


Sunflower image courtesy Tim Mossholder – UNSPLASH                                                                                                                Cylinder beach, Stradbroke Island – Kate Hubert

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