How Mindful Meditation Classes helped Ratna

Ratna's testimonialRatna is a busy working mum of teenage kids, with two businesses to run- her own and also that of her husband’s. Here is what she has to say about attending Kate’s Mindful meditation classes.

“I always believed that keeping healthy is a cumulative effect of actions we take routinely. For example, exercising for a day or even a week on an ad-hoc basis, doesn’t give you much of a result. However, exercising, even for a small amount of time everyday, will definitely give you results within a few weeks.

Similarly, I also understood the power of your mind in making things happen. All success starts with the state of your mind. Hence, looking after and being ‘mindful’ about myself, my thoughts and my surrounds has always been very important to me.¬†However, in the past, I found learning the art of meditation and looking after your mind was always a challenge- and I struggled to make it part of my everyday routine. Something always seemed to get in the way!

By attending Kate’s classes, I found it forced me to take that time out and practice meditation as a routine. If you do something long enough, regularly, it becomes a habit. Kate teaches you in a way that it is simple, easy and very manageable, no matter how busy your life is!

What’s more…the cumulative effect definitely materialised! Just 3 weeks after attending Kate’s classes (and doing my homework) I noticed the huge benefits. I could think clearer, I was calmer throughout the day (my kids told me so) and I found myself in a happy mood more often….now that’s gotta be good for my long term health and success!”

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