Inspirational Stories

Here are some inspirational people who have improved their life through mindfulness meditation.

Female Avatar 1Sally-Anstead, Queensland

“I have known Kate for many years and for the past three months have been attending her weekly meditation classes. As a busy working mother of four kids, I often struggle to find the time to do things for just me. However, I have found the classes to be very beneficial in keeping me calmer and more grounded in the ‘busyness’ of everyday life. Kate is a great teacher, she is calm and provides excellent tools to enable the regular practice of mediation and mindfulness, both in the classes and out of them.”



Male Avatar 2James-Anstead, Queensland

“I really enjoyed my meditation classes with Kate, they were the highlight of my week. Kate taught me many ways to relax and “zone out”.  She has given me a tool kit for relaxation and one meditation is now part of my daily ritual.”




Ratna's testimonialRatna-Bellbowrie, Queensland

“I always believed that keeping healthy is a cumulative effect of actions we take routinely. For example, exercising for a day or even a week on an ad-hoc basis, doesn’t give you much of a result. However, exercising, even for a small amount of time everyday, will definitely give you results within a few weeks.

Similarly, I also understood the power of your mind in making things happen. All success starts with the state of your mind. Hence, looking after and being ‘mindful’ about myself, my thoughts and my surrounds has always been very important to me. However, in the past, I found learning the art of meditation and looking after your mind was always a challenge- and I struggled to make it part of my everyday routine. Something always…read more


Female Avatar 1Lyndel- Auchenflower, Queensland

‘This course has really helped me to be more ‘in the moment’.  It has opened the door to deeper meditation and the sense of calm/relaxation this can bring.  Exploring a range of mindfulness techniques allowed me to find the ones that work more effectively for me.  Kate’s down to earth, open and honest approach also made me feel supported and validated in my attempts to make this a more routine part of my life.”

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