FAITH – Finding Answers In The Heart


We all have the answers within us, we always have and we always will.

Being still helps us to connect to our inner knowing, our intuition, to the answers that we hold within us.

We spend so much time in our heads, not in the moment but in the past or in the future and we overlook, overthink, over rationalise the “feeling” in our gut or our heart and we ignore our inner knowing, or worse we Google an answer or a solution.

Being still and letting our constant thoughts settle is a good way to connect to our heart or our gut feeling, yet we so rarely sit in stillness, whether that’s in meditation, just sitting or being outside appreciating nature.

I love being still, noticing and absorbing the ambiance around me. That might be swinging gently in my hammock watching the clouds as they move and change across the sky, it might be watching the light as it streams through a window or reflects off a surface, it might be in deep meditation, noticing the sensations and aliveness of my body.

“We’re always doing something and we allow little time to practice stillness and calm.” – B.Allan Wallace

Here are a few ways to find the answers within.

Ask yourself “what is it that I need to know” and the answer will appear, maybe not immediately but you will know when it does.

·        Meditation, whether for 5 or 20 minutes, meditation is a very good way to be still and feel into your body.

·        Sit or walk in nature, using all your senses to enjoy the beauty around you.

·        Sit quietly in your favourite spot and read.

·        Colour in, Zentangle or just doodle.

Journal whatever comes up, it might be sentences or just words, that’s fine it’s not a novel and only has to make sense to you.

Most importantly trust yourself, have FAITH and Find Answers In The Heart.

How do you find stillness?

Image courtesy David Solce -Unsplash

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