Don’t be afraid to tell people you love them.

Tell people you love them, tell them often. Tell you partner, your family, your friends, your pets.

Tell them just because.

It might just make their day and it will definitely make yours.

Say it, send a quirky postcard or a beautiful card, send a text, leave a love note for your nearest and dearest, make a rap, a rhyme or a video, be creative, make it fun and from the heart.

It’s coming up to two years since one of my best and closest friends of more than 20 years, took her own life.

For a woman who wrung every last drop out of life and made everything, even peeling potatoes, fun, this was such a shock.

I spoke to her 3 weeks before and did I know I know she was down? Yes, but not down enough to think she would end her life and leave her family, her kids, her sisters, her friends, her farm and her animals.

Our last conversation was happy, joyful, we were laughing and joking. We finished on a high and we finished with I love you.

That’s how I end all my conversations and correspondence with friends and family, “I love you.”

Three words that mean so much and three words that I will continue to say because life can change in an instant.

So set an intention to tell people you love them, tell them often.  And tell them just because.


Image courtesy Katie Treadway – Unsplash

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