Connect with your body and feel it come alive.

Connect to your body and feel it come alive.


Most of us seem to be very connected to external devices and very disconnected from ourselves. We have aversion to any discomfort, looking for an instant fix rather than investigating and finding the cause.

Discomfort and small amounts of pain are good as it tells us something isn’t right, if we care to listen that is.

A headache might mean we need some water or a stretch or some fresh air before we pop a pill or two.

If something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t.

The body doesn’t lie; it’s screaming for attention for a reason and meditation helps you to feel into and release tension and tightness from your body.

Physical relaxation comes to your body with every exhalation and it feels good to allow your body to soften and let go.

This can be done in formal meditation or informally by simply focusing your attention around your body. You can do this on the bus, waiting for an appointment, or standing in a queue.

A simple smile will release tension from your face.  Try this:

  • Take a breath in
  • Breathe out and allow the corners of your mouth to curl up into a soft smile,
  • Continue to breathe normally
  • Feel, really feel, the lovely softness that a smile brings to your entire face
  • Take the smile within the mouth, feel the aliveness and the softening.

Try a soft smile when you are meditating or feeling very relaxed, maybe before you fall asleep.

Remember physical relaxation comes effortlessly with every outbreath and it’s a delicious feeling to be aware of and sink into physical relaxation. Take a breath and let it go.

How do you relax your body?

P.S I have a 6 minute Centering and Grounding Meditation and a 20 minute Full Body Meditation on my Thinkific site.

Check them out, get connected to your own body and feel the benefits.

Image courtesy Lesley-B -Juarez – Unsplash

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