What’s the rush?

  Washing is a fact of life when you have a family and I often say, “I’ll quickly hang this out” as I’m trying to get out the door or get on with other stuff. But you know what when I rush, things always take longer, with the washing, clothes get tangled or I drop the pegs, you get the picture … This morning I stopped rushing, stopped multitasking in my head and made the washing a Mindful Moment. I took a breath and took my time. I noticed the beautiful morning, the breeze, the colours, the light, I focused … Continue reading

Always speak kindly to yourself, it’s nice.

There are nights that I wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep. It’s my racing mind, thought after thought, that is keeping me awake. These thoughts are always of doom and gloom, worry and fear and always irrational. I simply say to my thoughts “not now” or “now’s not a good time” it’s very effective and I go back to sleep. However, I make sure I say this kindly and gently. If the thoughts are very insistent I might tell them to “F! off, not now” and while this is stronger language I still speak to myself kindly. … Continue reading

10 ways to celebrate every day.

10 ways to celebrate everyday

  Every day holds unique and special experiences to appreciate and savor. However, we are often so busy that we overlook the little things that make us feel so good. Noticing and appreciating them in the moment creates happy, joyful feelings. Here are 10 ways to feel good and make every day wonderful. Dress up, wear your best clothes often, don’t wait for a special occasion, make every day special Ditch your old, comfy, well-worn undies, wear beautiful underwear and feel fabulous Wear beautiful scent, every day Set the table with your good dinnerware and cutlery Drink from your crystal … Continue reading

Don’t be afraid to tell people you love them.

Don't be fraid to tell someone you love them.

Tell people you love them, tell them often. Tell you partner, your family, your friends, your pets. Tell them just because. It might just make their day and it will definitely make yours. Say it, send a quirky postcard or a beautiful card, send a text, leave a love note for your nearest and dearest, make a rap, a rhyme or a video, be creative, make it fun and from the heart. It’s coming up to two years since one of my best and closest friends of more than 20 years, took her own life. For a woman who wrung … Continue reading

5 things you need for a Mindfulness Practice

5 things you need for a Mindful Practice

Intention Presence Awareness Kindness Compassion Mindfulness requires intention, presence, awareness, kindness and compassion and there are a lot of ways to cultivate these qualities. Intention is an aim or a plan to do something and it is the spark for the flame. Awareness means you notice the distracting thoughts, feelings and emotions as they come into your mind and you consciously and gently, bring your focus back to the current moment. Presence is exactly that, present in body and mind. Set aside some time each day to practice being Mindful. It might be eating breakfast, your commute to work or … Continue reading

What is Mindfulness and how does it help you?

what is mindfulness and what are the benefits

  “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn I think of mindfulness as being in the moment, being aware of what I’m doing and what I’m thinking.  It’s so easy to slip into autopilot mode and eat, work, sleep, repeat, day in, day out and what do you know, you can’t remember what you had for dinner last night. I don’t want life to pass me by. “It’s the not the Destination, It’s the journey.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson How hard can it be? Well, it is hard to … Continue reading

3 ways to connect, say thanks and feel great!

sayimg thank you in a busy world

1.   Say thanks and give praise where its due, make sure you mean it 2.  Acknowledgment and exchanging a smile can really brighten someone’s day. 3.  Go higher. Pass complimentary comments up the corporate ladder and tell management                                                      by phone or email, hopefully it filters back down.   Last week I had three interactions at three different counters in the same Department Store and each one was great. All three women were friendly … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to Mindfulness Meditation. I am currently working hard to bring you lots of useful tools and resources to help you lead a peaceful, productive and healthy life! Meanwhile, lets keep in touch through my Facebook Page or call me for a chat – I’d love to hear more about how we can really help you most. Warm regards Kate Continue reading