Mindful Reading – Sex, Drugs and ….

Reading is a wonderful! Weather you read for information or pleasure it can be a mindful practice. It improves comprehension, vocabulary and imagination. Does reading improve spelling? That seems to be debatable. Why is reading mindful? Reading is a mindful practice because it keeps your attention in the moment, it’s hard to think of other things if you are engrossed in what you are reading. If your attention is wandering then whatever you are reading hasn’t engaged you. This happens to me when I’m reading a boring non fiction book or manual and it is good mindful practice to bring my attention back to … Continue reading

MY MINDFULNESS PRACTICE – Q&A with Katische Haberfield.

This is the first interview, in a series of monthly interviews. Each month I will ask everyday, women, just like you and me, if they have a meditation practice, how they got started and how does it fit into their busy lives. I’d like to introduce the amazingly creative Katische Haberfield. Read on to find out more. Tell us about yourself.                                                                                     … Continue reading

Mindfulness and the Year of the Monkey

Kung hei fat choy! The Chinese New Year is looming and 2016 is the Year of the Monkey. It is a Yang Fire year so there will be plenty of spark, action and excitement around. This cheeky animal is very intelligent, bursting with exuberance and strong minded. The term a monkey mind is often used by meditation teachers and students to describe an active, energetic mind that jumps from thought to thought. We all have busy minds, thoughts continually come and go, and it is normal and natural. We give these thoughts life by holding onto them, usually thoughts from … Continue reading

MINDFUL RELATIONSHIPS and a happy family life.

Being a mother is a big gig! Once a mother always a mother and its hard work juggling life and constantly changing caps. Mother, wife, friend, daughter, worker, boss, chef, problem solver and the list goes on and on… Mindfulness is beneficial to all aspects of life and there is nothing more important than being with your family. Life is busy and it’s hard to find the time for relationships, that’s for your husband or partner, friends, children, family and yourself. People say the same thing about meditation, “I don’t have time.” Well, make the time. A small investment of … Continue reading


Such sad news last week with the passing of two incredibly creative people. First David Bowie and then Allan Rickman. Two people who lived a life doing what they loved. I didn’t know that either of them had cancer. David Bowie’s music is immortal and so are the roles that Allan Rickman made his own. Every year around Christmas I watch “Love Actually” and his performance as Severus Snape bought the character life. With my family I have watched the Harry Potter movies over and over and over again. I thought these men would live forever and they will through … Continue reading


I hear plenty of reasons why people can’t meditate and most of these are excuses not reasons. Here are the most common reasons I hear and why they aren’t valid. I don’t have time – Everyone seems to be in a hurry and there is no time for anything. Here’s the thing, make time. 15 mins a day is all you need, step away from devices for 15 mins, get up 15mins earlier or go to bed fifteen minutes earlier. The key to having a successful meditation practice is consistency so make it a regular 15 minutes. Like anything repetition … Continue reading


“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn I think of mindfulness as being in the moment, being aware of what I’m doing and what I’m thinking. I don’t want life to pass me by. It’s so easy to slip into autopilot mode and eat, work, sleep, repeat, day in, day out and what do you know, you can’t remember what you had for dinner last night. How hard can it be? Well, it is hard to be fully in the moment. We live in a hectic world where … Continue reading