ddc6607fWhat does freedom mean to you? How would you like to be free?

I’d like financial freedom, to be mortgage free and not being tied to a bank would be wonderful. While I’m waiting for that to happen I’m happy to be me and be free in this moment, now.

Mindfulness and allowing brings enormous personal freedom. Allowing thoughts to come and go, allowing the good and the bad, allowing happiness and sadness, allowing laughter and tears, just allowing. Overthinking all these things trying, in our mind, to control situations and then burying emotions creates our own restraints.  Thoughts, feelings and emotions don’t decompose when we bury them, they fester and grow until they are out of control.

We all have judgemental thoughts, negative thoughts, angry thoughts. Not hanging onto them is the key. The hard part is that our mind likes these types of thoughts, our mind likes to create doom and gloom. Happy thoughts don’t seem to have the same dramatic impact! Mindfulness doesn’t stop the thoughts or change them but coming  back to the present helps us to recognise past thoughts or predictive thinking. With this awareness  we can step back, “unhook” from the thoughts and let them go.

Makes sense? Sound easy? It isn’t. Whilst Mindfulness isn’t easy,  it does become easier, everyone can do it just takes

Having a formal seated meditation practice supports everyday mindfulness, this can be done in as little as 5mins every day. It’s a good habit to get into and over time the benefits of a mindfulness practice will be beneficial to yourself and others.

The best way to get started is sit with your breath, just for 5 minutes.

  • spine straight, arms and legs uncrossed sitting or lying down
  • lightly close your eyes
  • breath in and out through your nose
  • just allow your breath to flow
  • don’t control it, just allow
  • feel the breath in and out
  • allow the sensations in your body
  • feel your breath in and out or your chest up and down
  • feel and allow

5 mins each day is all you need to get started but you can go as long as you like.

Once you start to be in the present moment, go with the flow and allow life to unfodl, magical synchronicities start to occur and you will see the joy in every day.

Don’t wait for next week, next month, next year to be in the moment, allow life to happen now and freedom will follow.


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