Always speak kindly to yourself, it’s nice.

There are nights that I wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep.

It’s my racing mind, thought after thought, that is keeping me awake. These thoughts are always of doom and gloom, worry and fear and always irrational.

I simply say to my thoughts “not now” or “now’s not a good time” it’s very effective and I go back to sleep. However, I make sure I say this kindly and gently. If the thoughts are very insistent I might tell them to “F! off, not now” and while this is stronger language I still speak to myself kindly.

Are you aware of how you speak to yourself?

So much of our time is spent in our heads, in the past, beating ourselves up for things we didn’t do or did wrong or trying to predict the future.

We say things to ourselves like “if, such and such, happens I will be really angry, upset or annoyed.” We are rehearsing a scene in our heads for a future situation that is impossible to predict and we are programming our reaction. Scary stuff.

When we are in the moment and feel tired or unwell we beat ourselves up for feeling like this saying “I shouldn’t be feeling this way!” or “what’s wrong with me?”

We wouldn’t dream of talking to others as harshly as we speak to ourselves.

While we do dream of happy scenarios and revisit joyful occasions the ego prefers doom, gloom and drama.

This can be changed if we stay present, listen to what we say to ourselves, notice the tone, the choice of words and flip it, change it to a softer tone, kinder words or just let it go.

It’s nice when we speak gently to ourselves and treat ourselves with respect. Once we start speaking to ourselves with kindness and compassion it has a flow on effect to those around us.

Speech is powerful so be mindful and monitor the way you speak to yourself and always, always be kind to yourself.

Image courtesy Ben White – Unsplash

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