3 ways to connect, say thanks and feel great!

sayimg thank you in a busy world

1.   Say thanks and give praise where its due, make sure you mean it

2.  Acknowledgment and exchanging a smile can really brighten someone’s day.

3.  Go higher. Pass complimentary comments up the corporate ladder and tell management                                                      by phone or email, hopefully it filters back down.


Last week I had three interactions at three different counters in the same Department Store and each one was great. All three women were friendly and very helpful. It was a happy experience.

Being so impressed by the genuine friendliness of these women, as well as thanking them directly, I decided to escalate my thanks “upstairs” to management.

I was surprised at the reaction that I received from both the receptionist and the Customer Service Manager. They were very surprised and excited that I was passing on such positive feedback, from their reaction I don’t think it happens very often.

The manager said she would pass on my comments to the women and that made me feel even better than I was already feeling. By sharing my positive experience and the gratitude that I felt I’m sure the three women the telephonist and the manager all felt happy too!

The reality is we can purchase products just about anywhere. Buying online is simple and convenient but we miss out on human interaction.

A few days later I stopped at a pedestrian crossing so a man could cross. I knew and he knew that it’s the law but he turned and gave me a cheery wave and a big smile which I involuntarily and naturally returned. Once again this brief connection made me feel great.

As human beings we enjoy social interaction and connection and it doesn’t take much to engage with people from all walks of life.

A smile and a kind word go a very long way and everyone feels good.

Try it, joyful feelings guaranteed.

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